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Pretty stoked to have found your site. I was planning to rebuild and mod the 4G54b 2.6 but found out there is some swap options to other Mitsubishi engines.
I have looked over your site completely several times over.
I am trying to narrow down my options for a 4G6x DOHC swap. naturally aspirated for the time being but I may kick it up a notch later on (after moving to Oregon next may) to turbo. Just getting really tired of single cam inline 4's.
I'm looking on the list of vehicles posted to your site and I'm not seeing the raider listed.

Does my 87 Dodge raider qualify as DSM? I'm thinking it might although it's basically a carbon copy 86 Montero

It does have the KM145 which I know is the KM132 with a transfer case to the front and back attached to it.
I plan on removing the engine soon and measuring the bolts exactly to know if I have a wide block or narrow. I measured the bottom two bolts on it and it was like 7 inches something between the two. Kinda confusing.
Engines I'd like to use:
really partial to that DOHC. I imagine I might need to build a "Frankenstein" engine like they do with 2.0 Honda engines in the CRV but swap a DOHC VTEC head onto the block. I'm cool with that.

What would you suggest?

I'd like to build a very strong and reliable motor, which will have a commensurate sturdy bottom end, with power, but not crazy. If I had to put a number on it let's say 300-400 hp and as much torque as I can get. I did see the max hp the Starion trans can handle is 400hp.
The truck will be used for off-road fun and as a daily. This is a serious project I have been working on, I intend to drive this truck for a million miles and I don't expect to get to that goal cheaply.

Thanx for any help!
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